10 Things Not to do when you think you have a Transmission Problem

1. Don’t Let Your Brother-In-Law (or any other unqualified person) Try To Fix It In Their Driveway.
They may do more harm than good and cost you more in the long run.

2. Don’t Have Anyone Install A Used Transmission From A Junkyard Or Out Of Another Vehicle That Has Not Been Evaluated By A Professional.
Transmission failure is partially a function of age and mileage. There is no way to tell if that used transmission has been abused or how many miles it really has on it. In addition, it may not be an exact match with yours leading to all types of control problems especially with today’s sophisticated electronic transmissions. How Many Times Would You Want To Pay Someone To Install One Of These Before Finding One That Will Last?

3. Don’t Be Misled By Terminology.
Customers are many times led to believe that they are purchasing a “NEW” transmission when, in reality, it is either remanufactured, rebuilt, reconditioned, or repaired. While the transmission may be new to their vehicle it is, in most cases, not new. Brand new transmissions would cost outrageous amounts of money and are hardly ever installed by anyone, even new car dealers.

4. Don’t Go Back To The New Car Dealer unless the vehicle is under the manufacturer’s original warranty.
Eagle Transmission Mesquite 
can provide service under most “Extended Warranty Plans”. They can usually perform necessary repairs and services more quickly and with the peace of mind in knowing the work is being done by professionals who specialize in transmissions.

5. Don’t allow anyone to install a remanufactured, rebuilt, reconditioned, or repaired transmission in your vehicle without first performing diagnostic checks to determine if such an extensive operation is even necessary.

6. Don’t Shop For Prices Over The Phone.
Many customers ask “How much for a transmission?” At that point most don’t even know if they need one. Would you want to pay for a transmission you don’t need? Prices quoted over the phone may be “low ball” amounts just to get you to come in, or they may not include everything you need, leading to unhappy surprises later on.

7. Don’t Trade Your Car In Just Because It Has A Transmission Problem.
If the car is in good condition having the transmission repaired can be a much more cost effective solution than committing to the long-term investment in a replacement vehicle. After all, you know what you have now; you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Even if you decide to trade it in at a later date, a car with a properly functioning transmission will bring a lot more than one that has a problem. So the investment you make to repair it can easily bring you a good return.

8. Don’t Add Store Bought Transmission Fluid Additives.
In many cases they do more harm than good. Always check with a transmission Professional before adding anything.

9. Don’t Let General Repair Mechanics Experiment With Your Transmission.
Only Certified Transmission Technicians will have the equipment and capability to diagnose and repair your transmission properly the first time. A good general repair mechanic will recommend that you see a transmission professional.

10. Don’t Bring Your Transmission Problem To A “Fly By Night” Repair Shop.
Get references. Check with Consumer Affairs and The Better Business Bureau. If you want to be assured of accurate diagnosis and top quality service bring it to a name you know and can trust, Eagle Transmission Mesquite

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