Five Winter Road Warrior Tips to Keep Cars Safe in Cold

Car Care Experts Show How to Prepare Vehicles for Winter Weather Five Winter Road Warrior Tips to Keep Cars Safe in Cold Cold temperatures, snow and ice wreak havoc on our roads and our vehicles. Yet according to the Car Care Council, more than 70 % of motorists admit they don’t prepare their cars for… Continue reading Five Winter Road Warrior Tips to Keep Cars Safe in Cold

Transmission Myths

Automobiles come with numerous parts, and with those parts comes a multitude of myths surrounding them. The transmission in particular remains a mystery to many drivers today. The professionals at Eagle Transmission Shop – Mesquite banded together to help you determine what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to these popular claims: 1. Manual transmissions… Continue reading Transmission Myths

Eagle Transmission Fleet Services

Fleet servicing is a major part of our business. We offer free pickup & delivery anywhere in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex. Current customers who have entrust us with there vehicles include CARMAX – Forth Worth, Plano, Irving and transmission repair in Garland locations. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE – All Dallas and Fort Worth. COCA COLA… Continue reading Eagle Transmission Fleet Services

Check Engine Light On?

One fine morning when you turn on your car’s ignition, you notice that something is strange about your dashboard; something looks different on the dashboard you do not quite figure out what it is. Then you pay close attention to the dashboard examining each item and you realize that your “Check Engine” or “Service Engine”… Continue reading Check Engine Light On?

Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission Fluid – Questions That People Have Most people do not really care about how their vehicles work. However, it is very important that car owners understand at least the basic functioning and the basic maintenance of their vehicles. One of important areas that demands your attention is the transmission fluid replacement. This is one… Continue reading Transmission Fluid Service